Brett's Family

Brett Kimberlin’s wife and kids will in most cases be off-limits for discussion on this blog. However, I am about to make an exception. This link will take you to a copy of a post Brett’s own Breitbart Unmasked website published concerning his marital difficulties during July, 2013. The post was quickly taken down, but not before a pdf was made.

The article is disgusting, and the comments at the end show a real hatred for Aaron Walker and W. J. J. Hoge for daring to shine light on Kimberlin’s abusive behavior toward his wife.

And Another Thing—The differences in the descriptions of Mrs. Kimberlin that appeared online during July and August, 2013, are striking. The Brieitbart Umasked article describes her as mentally ill. Walker reports that the judge who reviewed Brett’s petition to have his wife involuntarily committed saw through his bullshit in a matter of minutes. The Liberal Grouch (Bill Schmalfeldt) refers to her as a “poor, addled woman.” Hoge describes her as “spirited and intelligent.”
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