A Moment of Truth (MST3KU 63)

When Brett tried to control his reputation via lawfare, he managed to bluff a few people into submission, but the losses he's suffered (he's 0 for 3 against Hoge and 0 for 4 against Walker) show that he's pretty much a humbug.

Unlike the Wizard, Brett is not benign. He's shown that by including defendant's he had settled with in his appeal of his racketeering lawsuit. Not only is he a humbug, he's looks to be a backstabbing one.


Brett and his team of cyberstalking thugs can still engage in harassment. However, they're becoming more trouble than they're worth to those who once found them useful. Diddling with Twitter account now pretty much all they have left that works. Meanwhile, Brett's opposition has discovered that they are the ones with hearts and brains and courage.

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