Mr. Bill Gets It Wrong. Again.

It's been a while since we did an all text post, and it's ironic that this one will be about images. Mr. Bill is claiming that Sarah Palmer sent us a bunch of Billy Sez images to host on our server because it's out of DMCA-harm's-way from predation by Mr. Bill. If he tries to press his luck with that theory, he will find himself in a much worse situation that he is now.

We wish to clearly state that at no time has Sarah Palmer sent us any images or other material to host. Indeed, as near as we can tell, she has never sent us anything.

OK, so how did all those Billy Sez images get on the kimberlinunmask server?

We put them there when it became obvious that Mr. Bill was going to go through with another round of false DMCA notices. We believe that David Edgren was within his rights when he put the Billy Sez images into the public domain. We put a set of images that should be freely available to anyone beyond Mr. Bill's ability to mess with them.

That still leaves the question of how we got them.

We downloaded them from Billy Sez as they were posted last year and placed them on an off-line storage drive. The most recent download date was July 19, 2015, almost six months ago.

Mr. Bill has no proof for the allegations that he is making, and he is making them with a reckless disregard for the truth. We don't think that is a wise thing for him to do, but we are rarely surprised when he does something foolish. Sometimes we're amazed by the level of stupidity, but rarely surprised.

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