December 2014

Does Brett Measure Up? No. 4


Of course, Brett really punches well below his weight.

Mr. Bill, Law, and Latin

Given the Latin saying Hoge included in a post at Hogewash this afternoon, we assume that he has lost all patience with Mr. Bill.

Murum aries attigit

Does Brett Measure Up? No. 3


Does Brett Measure Up? No. 2


Does Brett Measure Up?


Is Brett Lonely on the Internet?

One of the themes that runs through Mark Singer’s Citizen K, Brett’s authorized biography, is that Brett tend to overinflate his importance in many situations, claiming undue credit of things. Here’s an example of that continuing behavior from the VelvetRevolution.US website. “POE” stand for Protect Our Elections, one of the scams run by VRUS.

Nobody Reads VRUS

The guy in the lower right is Kevin Zeese, the Green Party Cabinet Shadow Attorney General and hanger-on at VRUS. He’s one of the named plaintiffs in a nuisance suit filed against the Federal Elections Commission. He has identified himself in that suit as a lawyer for POE.

Fast Away the Old Year Passes

New Years Predictions

The Dangers of Winter Travel

Mr. Bill sez he is afraid of the dangers of winter travel …

Winter Travel Plans

Brett's Biggest Courtroom Error

There’s a year-in-review feature about Team Kimberlin going over at Hogewash, and the top story for August deals with Brett’s loss in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit. The post mentions that Glenn Reynolds opined that Brett biggest mistake was trying to outcrazy Stacy McCain. Here’s an excerpt from the trial transcript that supports Instapundit’s analysis.

After Brett tried unsuccessfully to introduce irrelevant information to try to paint McCain as a racist, Ali Akbar (who is black) used his cross examination of McCain to refute Brett’s innuendo. The following exchange occurred during Brett’s attempt at redirect examination.


BTW, Eric Johnson, the judge who heard the case, is black.

Brett's Losing Lawfare

Losing Lawfare

The JV Prophet Channels Criswell

Now that Lee Stranahan is engaged in the outing of Xcitizen10, John (that’s XC10’s name) has been tap dancing around Twitter. He seems to be even further off base with his current antics than usual.

XC10 Criswell

Given John’s record, perhaps Bunny Boy should offer him the Criswell slot at Breitbar Unmasked.

Oh, No! Mr. Bill! (2)

War Stories

Whether as Brave Sir Bill, Obergruppenbill, Jabill, or a journomalist, Mr. Bill is a legend in his own mind.

Junior Varsity Prophet

Some forecasters are not ready for prime time.

XC10 Wrong

Team Kimberlin has managed to get some pullback from institutional defendants, but there’s no indication that any of the defendants who filed motions to dismiss the federal racketeering lawsuit will back down. Walker, Hoge, McCain, and Ali (after beating Brett in state court) aren’t caving. And Brett’s settlement with the two people he claimed were the Original Kimberlin Unmasked hasn’t work out like he expected. We’re back.

In Their Own Words

Whether spouting bogus predictions, ignoring their Leader’s past, “encouraging” others to do likewise, or hoping to piggyback on his lawfare …

Downfall Team

And Now For Something Completely Different ...

Don’t worry, this site isn’t all Downfall all the time. We have some other themes. This one seems to fit Mr. Bill.


BTW, Mr. Bill, “Weltschmerz” can be idiomatically translated as “world of hurt.”

More Than Twice As Hard

Brett whined about his face being photoshopped onto a Nazi uniform in his nonsensical copyright lawsuit against the Original Kimberlin Unmasked. What has that lawsuit bought him? More Streisand Effect, that’s what.

Brett can sue, but he can’t hide his past. Brett can sue, but he can’t stop people from publicizing his present activities. Brett can sue, but he can’t win.

Downfall of Lawfare

Brett didn’t like his face on a Hitler Youth uniform. No problem. We’ve promoted him to the big guy himself and made him the star of his own Downfall parodies. And his buddies are all getting supporting roles: Rauhauser as Goebbels, Mr. Bill as Bormann, Bunny Boy as Burgdorf, and others to follow.

Pro Se Dog Christmas


The Original Kimberlin Unmasked artwork is used without permission.

The Real Problem

If you want to know what the real burr under Brett’s saddle is, you should read the transcript of the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit and pay attention to the questions he asked his daughter when he put her on the stand.

The Real Problem

The Name of the Game

W. J. J. Hoge got a second peace order against Mr. Bill, and Mr. Bill sent an email and a pingback comment to Hoge’s blog. Hoge must not have been amused because he filed a contempt of court petition. A hearing is scheduled at the end of January.


Voice of Doom

Here’s another blast from the past that seems to fit the present …

page_12 copy

This is from the Original Kimberlin Unmasked and is used without permission.

Finger Pointing

Brett’s big plans fail. Whether it’s smuggling 5+ tons of dope or engaging in lawfare, he comes up short.

Finger Pointing

Brett Haz Sad ...

Brett Haz Sad

The Hogie-Wan image is from the Original Kimberlin Unmasked and is used without permission.

Somethings Never Change

It seems like a good time to bring back one from the archives.

baghdadblob copy

This is from the Original Kimberlin Unmasked and is used without permission.

Hitler Finds Out ...

Hitler Finds Out

In the Brettbunker

Brettbunker Rage

And there are more Downfall themed posts to come.

You Knew It Couldn't Last

Mr. Bill is back with yet another rebranding of his peculiar left-wing “comedy.”

The quiet was nice while it lasted.

I Stink

Res Judicata

Imagine the scene in the Brettbunker (aka, Mom’s Basement) when Brett finds out that the legal doctrine of res judicata applies in his federal racketeering lawsuit to the defendants who beat him in state court. That doctrine says that once a matter is decided, it’s decided. Final decisions are final and not to be tried again in another court.

Downfall No 2

A Postcard From Berlin

Brett complained in his ridiculous copyright lawsuit that the Original Kimberlin Unmasked had been “superimposing Plaintiff’s face on to other backgrounds, for example in a Nazi uniform.”

We’ve found some interesting stills from the movie “Downfall” …

Downfall No 1

You Oughta Be in Pictures

Back in 2012, Brett claimed that a guy named John Norton had been lurking in the bushes around his mom’s house (where Brett lives in the basement) and that Norton had taken pictures of Brett and his daughter. Brett managed to get a peace order, but it was overturned on appeal when Brett withdrew his petition rather than have to testify under oath about what actually happened.

Brett is still lying about what happened.


It's Your Question

The transcript of the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. trial can be found online. It’s a very clear demonstration that reason Brett has lost almost all of this “over a hundred” lawsuits is that he has no idea how to effectively make his case before a judge or jury. Very early in his examination of Aaron Walker, he gave Walker a chance to explain why Brett’s case was phony.

Your Question

What's In A Name?

Brett’s complaint names a blog called “Ace of Spades” as a defendant in his federal racketeering lawsuit. That has created a bit of a problem for him.

Whats in a name

A Postcard From Elkridge

There’s a movie cliche that has a couple of cowboys, or Marines, or whoever on watch when one of them says, “It sure is quiet out there.” To which the other replies, “Yeah. Too quiet.” Then all hell breaks loose.

It sure is quiet in Elkridge.


Brett's Burden of Proof

While reading through Brett’s recently filed opposition to the motions to dismiss his federal racketeering lawsuit, we were struck by his claim that the court should rule against the defendants because they have not proved their innocence.

Burden of Proof

A Postcard From Our Lexicographer

We received this in the mail yesterday.

That Word

Unsettling Settlements

Brett has filed and lost over a hundred lawsuits, so he probably understands that his federal racketeering lawsuit is as much a loser as the state case he filed against Aaron Walker, W. J. J. Hoge, Stacy McCain, Ali Akbar, and Kimberlin Unmasked. (That would be the Original Kimberlin Unmasked, not us.) He’s managed to con some of the federal defendants into settling with him, and he’s gained some shutuppery at the margins.

He wasn’t very smart in the way he structured his settlement with the two people he thought were the Original Kimberlin Unmasked. He asked for some stuff that they were willing to give him, but it turned out that he blew it. We don’t know the terms of that settlement, and, so far as we know, the alleged Original Kimberlin Unmasked people have lived up to their part of the bargain, but it’s clear from the existence of this blog and the revived @Kimberlinunmask Twitter account that Brett didn’t get what he really wanted.

Unsettling Settlements

We don’t have a dog, pro se or otherwise, in that fight, but we are rooting for one side over the other. We hope that the other defendants will stick it out until Brett’s lawfare is defeated. Meanwhile, we intend to have more fun at Brett’s expense and the expense of the other members of Team Kimberlin.

Brett's Butthurt

Brett’s sense of entitlement causes him to believe that any adverse statements made about him should be subject to legal sanctions.

No Fair

The Hogie-Wan image is from the Original Kimberlin Unmasked and is used without permission.

Brett Whines Some More

A letter has surfaced that appears to be from Brett to the judge in his federal racketeering lawsuit. It isn’t shown on the case docket yet. In the letter Brett whines about Patterico commenting on the case on his blog and asks for sanctions. He tried the same trick earlier this year, and the judge told him he had no basis for his complaining.


Mr. Bill: Zombie Hunter

Mr. Bill combines his sooper investigative journamalist skilz with his airborne ranger Marine medic experience …

Zombie Hunter

For What It's Worth


The parody For What It’s Worth parody lyrics are by W. J. J. Hoge and are used without permission.

Pro Se Dog Bites Himself: Fit the Fourth

Brett and Team Kimberlin haven’t a clue who is behind this blog. A penny for their thoughts on the matter would be overpayment. Meanwhile, our fun with their follies continues …

Fit the Fourth

The parody For What It’s Worth lyrics are by W. J. J. Hoge and are used without permission.

Pro Se Dog Bites Himself: Strike Three

Here’s another example of Brett using an exhibit which not only doesn’t support his allegation—it refutes his story.

Strike Three

Pro Se Dog Bites Himself: Part Deux

Brett had lots of extra time (with the two extensions he was granted) to craft his omnibus opposition to the motions to dismiss his racketeering lawsuit. And yet, it seems to be a rushed and disjointed effort.

Part Deux


Mr. Bill Gets His Answer, Fed to Fed

As Mr. Bill has said, “It’s all horseshti!”

Modern Postal Regulations

Bunny Boy Covers the Legal News

Brett’s PR website hasn’t offered much coverage of his legal crusade against all those mean, nasty RWNJs who’ve been telling the truth about him—especially since he’s been losing.


The Original Five

Brett has filed his omnibus opposition to all the motions to dismiss his federal racketeering lawsuit. And now, the defendants contemplate their replies.

Contemplate Reply

Pro Se Dog Bites Himself

Brett may have filed over a hundred lawsuits, but he’s won almost none of them. His amazing inadvertent admission in his motion for a new trial in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. case—that the defendants had published factual information about him—shows how poorly he plans. In order to prove his case, he must show that the defendants’ statements were false. But if they’re factual …

Dog Bites Dog

No wonder he’s such a loser.

Mr. Bill Meets Mr. Trademark

Oh, no! Mr. Bill!

Lanham Act

Mr. Bill was all hot to use the Lanham Act to sue or prosecute or something people for writing “false” reviews of his books and CDs. but he couldn’t get the Amazon Federal Police to take interest.

The Hogie-Wan image is from the Original Kimberlin Unmasked and is used without permission.

Like Sands Through an Hourglass ...

Time is almost up for Brett to get his paperwork in to oppose the pile of motions to dismiss his racketeering lawsuit.


Last year, Brett moaned about having to get court papers filed during the Christmas holiday season. This year, the defendants will be the ones working through Christmas and New Year’s. Brett probably thinks that is some sort of victory.

The Hogie-Wan image is from the Original Kimberlin Unmasked and is used without permission.

Is Mr. Bill a False Prophet?

Mr. Bill makes all sorts of silly predictions about legal matters. Those of us who have been following his escapades for a while remember how he predicted with certainty that W. J. J. Hoge would be led away in handcuffs from a hearing. Mr. Bill also boasted of having Mr. Hoge’s peace order quashed. Neither happened.

Past Performance

Mr. Bill is a dolt. He’s become a sick joke. He is no longer a source of harassment, only laughter.

One More Thing—The image from the Original Kimberlin Unmasked is used without permission.

Brett's Mental Well-Being

Poor Brett! He claims that the Defendants he is suing in his federal racketeering case have injured his mental well-being.

Mental Wll-Being

Brett has until until the court closes on Monday to file his opposition to all of the motions to dismiss his lawsuit. Since he has dismissed the suit (with prejudice) against the individuals he claimed were Kimberlin Unmasked and since we have not been served with anything, Kimberlin Unmasked no longer considers itself a party to the lawsuit. Still, we are interested, and we look forward to reading his not-to-exceed-50-page document.

Mr. Bill Isn't Grateful

Mr. Bill is all bent out of shape because someone sent him a present that made him look in the mirror.

Gift Horseshit

One More Thing—For those of you who haven’t been following Mr. Bill’s follies, the gift was a one-litre tub of horse manure sent from a company called ShitExpress in Slovakia.

Who Am I, Brett?


Is Mr. Bill Lonely?

Earlier this week, Mr. Bill got down off his high horse about being given a gift of horseshit and began one of his sporadic episodes of non-harassing “comedy.” This time it lasted longer than usual, about four days. Clearly, he missed his sweaty-palmed Happy Place.

Is Mr Bill Lonely

Musician, Composer, Producer

Brett has been struggling to have a career in music for around twenty years. He has complained that the publicity he has received because of his lawfare has been bad for his business.

Perhaps, but it seems more likely that poorly produced recordings of songs with creeptastic lyrics sung by someone with an unattractive voice may be responsible for a greater part of his failure.


Brett Kimberlin and the Meaning of "Is"

One of the major goals of Brett’s lawfare is to identify his perceived enemies who speak and write about him anonymously of pseudonymously. He has been after the blogger Ace who blogs at Ace of Spades HQ for several years. All this year, he has been outmaneuvered at every turn by Ace and his legal counsels. One problem that Brett has is that he identified the Ace of Spades blog rather than any person as the defendant in his RICO lawsuit.


Pro Se Dog Wants a New Trial

David Weigel reported that immediately after losing the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. trial last August, Brett proclaimed eternal lawfare against the defendants in that case. Since then, he has dropped that suit against the two individuals that he thought were the Original Kimberlin Unmasked, thinking that in doing so he would shutdown Kimberlin Unmasked. Brett is an even worse strategist than he is a lawyer.

He’s now trying to extend his lawfare against the other defendants. First, he appealed the case. Now, he’s asking for a new trial.

New Trial

Even if you get a new trial, you’ll still have to find some admissible, probative evidence, Brett. Get ready to lose again. Motion, appeal, trial, whatever.

Come On, Pro Se, File Your Loco Motions

Brett Kimberlin has been cluttering up the docket of his racketeering lawsuit against the National Bloggers Club and 23 19 other defendants. He has been hit with ten or so motions to dismiss, and the judge has ordered him to file a single “omnibus” opposition memorandum. It was originally due in October, but it’s now due next Monday.

In recognitions of that deadline, Kimberlin Unmasked offers the following song parody. The words are by John Hoge. The first panel is from the Original Kimberlin Unmasked. Both are used without permission. The second panel of from the original site is not available, but we were able to find a cover version by Op-Critical.

page_1 copy


Come on, come on, do the loco motions with me.