November 2014

Getting Mr. Bill's Shit Together

Someone pranked Bill Schmalfeldt by having him sent a box of horse manure in the mail. Mr. Bill did not take the joke well.


Breitbart Unmasked

Breitbart Unmasked is a website that Brett started in order to harass his enemies. It’s been through several different retoolings. The Original Kimberlin Unmasked site was created in part to give Brett a dose of his own medicine. But the big difference between the two sites was that BU relied on lying about Brett’s enemies whereas KU relied on telling the truth and making fun of Brett and his associates.


We’ll have more about Breitbart Unmasked as we go along.

The Backstory

There may some people coming to this blog who are new to the story of Brett’s lawfare. In order to help them pick up the thread of the tale, this has been recycled from the Original Kimberlin Unmasked.

The Backstory

Yes, Brett, there are lots of copies of the postings from the original site. Much of the good stuff is backed up online, and it will be recycled here from time to time.

War Stories

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away …


A Nugget From Neal

Hacker wannabe and fugitive from justice Neal Rauhauser has functioned as the majordomo of Team Kimberlin. He claims authorship of the idea of pro se lawfare as a means of harassing and intimidating one’s enemies.


So how is all that lawfare workin’ out for Team Kimberlin, Neal? If it was successful, would you be a victim or a winner?

Jedi Mind Tricks

Brett Kimberlin thought that he could permanently silence one of the voices raised against him.

The Power of the Farce

I’m reasonably certain that Brett will try to shut down this site.

“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can imagine.”

Is Mr. Bill Shy?

Mr. Bill alleges on his Twitter feed that he has contacted this blog and asked us to remove his likeness. As of 1645 hours today at our server in The Netherlands, no comment has been posted by Mr. Bill, nor has any email been received from him or anyone claiming to represent hm. In any event, here is the official Kimberlin Unmasked answer to any such request.


Oh, No! Mr. Bill!

Brett isn’t the only member of Team Kimberlin who’s too stupid to know when he’s licked.


Great Moments In Brett's Litigation Career

When you read the transcript of the Kimberlin v Walker, et al. trial held last August, you’ll find some wonderful bits of irony and humor. A great deal can be found in Stacy McCain’s testimony. (Pro Tip: Never try to outcrazy Stacy McCain!) Some of it came from the judge.


Brett the Invincible

Brett is persistent. Or maybe he isn’t smart enough to know when he’s beaten. I see that he’s not only appealing his loss in the state case against Aaron Walker and the others, but he’s also asking for a new trial.


Of course, this bit of satire may be inapt. The Black Knight had enough sense to call it a draw.

Brett the Litigator

So how is that pro se stuff really workin’ for ya’, Brett?


Acme Law

Brett really should have found a better source of legal advice than Acme Law.

Anvil Brett

Grooming Standards

When Brett Kimberlin was busted by the FBI in Indianapolis back in 1978, he was trying to get a local print shop to forge some Department of Defense driver’s licenses. He was arrested at the print shop while wearing a uniform somewhat like that of a DoD police officer. However, given has beard and haircut, there was no way that anyone who knew what a cop looked like would have found him convincing. Like so many of his lies, that one was simply so far from the truth that no one could be fooled.
DoD Cop

As You Wish, Brett

A few nights ago, Brett told me that he thought I was “one of Hoggy’s cockroaches.” He’s wrong. He has no idea who I am, but if he wants to think of me as a cockroach, that’s fine with me.

Someone commenting on another site asked if I am the original Kimberlin Unmasked. I am not. I ripped off the Dread Pirate Roberts meme from Hogewash to explain that, when one Kimberlin Unmasked retires, someone new takes his place. So here I am: The Dread Cockroach Kimberlin Unmasked.

Dread Cockroach KU med

Meanwhile, Brett Kimberlin is still the same old Brett, a lying loser whose past and present are catching up to him.


Brett's Family

Brett Kimberlin’s wife and kids will in most cases be off-limits for discussion on this blog. However, I am about to make an exception. This link will take you to a copy of a post Brett’s own Breitbart Unmasked website published concerning his marital difficulties during July, 2013. The post was quickly taken down, but not before a pdf was made.

The article is disgusting, and the comments at the end show a real hatred for Aaron Walker and W. J. J. Hoge for daring to shine light on Kimberlin’s abusive behavior toward his wife.

And Another Thing—The differences in the descriptions of Mrs. Kimberlin that appeared online during July and August, 2013, are striking. The Brieitbart Umasked article describes her as mentally ill. Walker reports that the judge who reviewed Brett’s petition to have his wife involuntarily committed saw through his bullshit in a matter of minutes. The Liberal Grouch (Bill Schmalfeldt) refers to her as a “poor, addled woman.” Hoge describes her as “spirited and intelligent.”

On Being Pro Se

Pro se is Latin meaning “for oneself.” There are generally two reasons why someone winds up representing himself in court. The first is that one simply cannot afford a lawyer. The second is that no lawyer is willing to take the case.

When a lawyer makes a representation to a court, he does so with the understanding that he has made a reasonable effort to investigate the facts behind any claims that are made. He puts his reputation and, possibly, his license to practice law on the line.

There is reasonable evidence that Kimberlin has the assets to pay for a lawyer if he had to.

El Cucaracha

Overnight, Brett checked into the @Kimberlinunmask Twitter account for some stimulating conversation. He apparently doesn’t like me.

@WhoIsNumberNone #0
@Kimberlinunmask You're one of Hoggy's cockroaches. That's good enough for me... @AaronWorthing
12:50 AM - 15 Nov 2014


One More Thing—Spanish is my fifth language, and I’m not as fluent as I wish, but I do know that cucaracha is feminine. However, El Cucaracha seems to be a better name for a possible recurring character for this blog.

And Another Thing—Is there any truth to the rumor that Op-Critical is releasing a cover of this classic?



I’ve taken the old Pro Se Dog chihuahua for the Kimberlin Unmasked avatar. I happened to have made a copy of an old tweet that included it. I also have a few samples of artwork from the old site available on pages that I happened to download.

I wish I had more.

If you have old images from either of the previous Kimberlin Unmasked sites that Brett forced off the web, please share them with me. If you can share such images and are willing, use the Contact Me link below to send me an email.

BTW, I have always thought that portraying Brett as a yappy little dog was a stroke of genius. There’s the obvious metaphor with his small physical stature, but it also clicks with his unpleasant voice. The choice of a chihuahua fits with his personality.

Hello, World!

When I read about the settlement of the bogus copyright suit that Brett Kimberlin filed, I assumed that the kimberlinumasked dot com website and @Kimberlinunmask Twitter accounts might be affected. When I attempted to view the Twitter account, I got a message saying the account was gone rather than the usual notice that the count was protected. I grabbed the account handle for myself rather than let Kimberlin or one of his buddies take it.

I was unable to get the kimberlinunmasked dot com domain, but I was able to register this domain.

I don’t like the idea of Brett Kimberlin shutting down discussion about himself. This website will make a contribution to maintaining an ongoing conversation about him. The site’s chief weapon is satire … satire and facts … facts and satire … our two weapons are facts and satire … and ruthless mockery … our three weapons are facts, satire, and ruthless mockery … and an almost fanatical devotion to the First Amendment … our four ... no ... amongst our weapons ... amongst our weaponry ... are such elements as facts, satire …

Why don’t I go work on building the site?