Mr. Bill Haz Sad ...

Mr. Bill haz sad because W. J. J. Hoge is taking his time filing his oppositions to Mr. Bill’s motions related to his upcoming show cause hearing for contempt. Just because Mr. Bill has a history of quickly filing poorly thought out court papers doesn’t mean that Hoge has to do so too.

Being Careful

Yes. Those of us who Mr. Bill calls “Lickspittles” adore Hoge’s megalomania that expresses itself in carefully reasoned court filings that are actually grounded in the facts and the law. We’re looking forward to seeing what he files in opposition to Mr. Bill’s motions. We assume that Hoge is taking his time in order to make sure that he’s getting his arguments correct. Also, we suspect that he has a life in the real world that makes demands on his time.

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