Hello, World!

When I read about the settlement of the bogus copyright suit that Brett Kimberlin filed, I assumed that the kimberlinumasked dot com website and @Kimberlinunmask Twitter accounts might be affected. When I attempted to view the Twitter account, I got a message saying the account was gone rather than the usual notice that the count was protected. I grabbed the account handle for myself rather than let Kimberlin or one of his buddies take it.

I was unable to get the kimberlinunmasked dot com domain, but I was able to register this domain.

I don’t like the idea of Brett Kimberlin shutting down discussion about himself. This website will make a contribution to maintaining an ongoing conversation about him. The site’s chief weapon is satire … satire and facts … facts and satire … our two weapons are facts and satire … and ruthless mockery … our three weapons are facts, satire, and ruthless mockery … and an almost fanatical devotion to the First Amendment … our four ... no ... amongst our weapons ... amongst our weaponry ... are such elements as facts, satire …

Why don’t I go work on building the site?