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Oh, No! Mr. TJO!

The Jovial One admits, "BTW -- yes, I was drunk when that photo was taken. So?"


And Another Thing—Mr. Bill's comment we quoted above was posted just a few minutes after he posted the picture.


Note that it was posted during business hours while he was working as a U. S. Government employee.

And This, Too—Mr. Bill has admitted online that he made personal posts while using government computers on government time.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2006 10:41 am Post subject: Re: BillyBigRig is a crook. Reply with quote

The Jovial One wrote:
That was uncalled for, Slinger. What’s more, it’s untrue. We are allowed to post on chat forums. I do not punch a clock… I am on duty basically 24/7 or whenever called or needed. If I take 45 seconds to respond to or create a post in between other things, that hardly constitutes “abuse.”

Perhaps Mr. Bill can explain how that picture and some of the other thousands of posts he made at the site fit in with the following NIH policy that was in force in 2006 and 2007 (and is still in effect today).

Actions Prohibited by the NIH Policy

Limited Authorized Personal Use of NIH Information Technology Resources

Unethical or illegal conduct.

Sending or posting obscene or offensive material in messages or forums.

Sending messages supporting political activity restricted under the Hatch Act.

Conducting any commercial or “for-profit” activity.

Sending, retrieving, viewing, displaying, or printing sexually explicit, suggestive text or images, or other offensive material.

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Oh, no!