Flagging Team Spirit

Team Spirit


Xcitizen10 Gets It Wrong Again

Wrong Again

Team Kimberlin never lets facts get in the way a good false narrative.


The JV Prophet Channels Criswell

Now that Lee Stranahan is engaged in the outing of Xcitizen10, John (that’s XC10’s name) has been tap dancing around Twitter. He seems to be even further off base with his current antics than usual.

XC10 Criswell

Given John’s record, perhaps Bunny Boy should offer him the Criswell slot at Breitbar Unmasked.

Junior Varsity Prophet

Some forecasters are not ready for prime time.

XC10 Wrong

Team Kimberlin has managed to get some pullback from institutional defendants, but there’s no indication that any of the defendants who filed motions to dismiss the federal racketeering lawsuit will back down. Walker, Hoge, McCain, and Ali (after beating Brett in state court) aren’t caving. And Brett’s settlement with the two people he claimed were the Original Kimberlin Unmasked hasn’t work out like he expected. We’re back.