Come On, Pro Se, File Your Loco Motions

Brett Kimberlin has been cluttering up the docket of his racketeering lawsuit against the National Bloggers Club and 23 19 other defendants. He has been hit with ten or so motions to dismiss, and the judge has ordered him to file a single “omnibus” opposition memorandum. It was originally due in October, but it’s now due next Monday.

In recognitions of that deadline, Kimberlin Unmasked offers the following song parody. The words are by John Hoge. The first panel is from the Original Kimberlin Unmasked. Both are used without permission. The second panel of from the original site is not available, but we were able to find a cover version by Op-Critical.

page_1 copy


Come on, come on, do the loco motions with me.
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