Another Recycled Lie

Brett has several recurring lies about his past lawfare that keep coming up. For a while, he was peddling a tale of a super-secret exoneration of his federal crimes and being paid some sort of settlement. According to the Parole Commission, he's still on parole. His sentence up around Labor Day in 2030.

The bogus story currently being refloated by Ankle Bitter Willie Ferguson is about Brett suing Mark Singer for libel because of "Citizen K." There's no record in any court anywhere of such a lawsuit. Even if the settlement were sealed, the existence of the suit would still be a matter of public record, and the complaint would be available from the docket.

If Brett had won such a libel suit, then he would have been able to claim that quoting from the book was libelous. He hasn't made any such claim as part of his current defamation suits.

Finally, Mark Singer and his publisher Knopf have not made any retractions. Ferguson is full of it.

Suing Singer

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